Glue stick Kores, 15g

Number: K12152

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Glue stick Kores, 15g PVP basis
Glue stick TM Kores made based on PVP (polyvinylpyrrolidone). Designed for everyday work in the office, as well as for home use, the bonding of lightweight materials (paper, cardboard, photos). The optimal balance of hardness: applied evenly and accurately, even under strong pressure. If necessary, easily washed off with water, leaving no stains glitserin.Preimuschestva adhesive comprises - a pencil to adhesives based on liquid: 1). Ease and speed of its ispolzovaniya.2). Easy to apply and economical in ispolzovanii.3). It does not deform bumagu.4). It does not leave yellow pyaten.5). Environmentally friendly, non-toksichen.6). Easily washed off with water in contact with skin or clothing. 7). Retains adhesive properties at low temperaturah.8). Shelf life up to 3 let.Ves - 15g; Basis - of PVP; Shelf life up to 3 years.
PVP (polyvinylpyrrolidone)
Adhesive type
15 g
Expiration date
up to 3 years