Leveling belt Kores SCOOTER, 8m

Number: K84823

Склад Киев: 324 шт.

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Corrector Tape (barcode tape) Kores SCOOTER, 8m, assorti.Shtrih tape intended to correct the straight lines of any length. The main characteristics of this film are as follows: 1. Excellent sposobnost.Korrektiruyuschaya correction tape tightly and firmly abuts all tipambumagi and the first fold handwritten or printed covers tekst.2. Smooth surface after naneseniya.3. Ease of primenenii.Ispolzuetsya both right and left rukoy.4. Optimum belt width - 5 mm.5. Compact housing formy.Okruglaya ergonomic body shape perfectly fits in ladon.Lentochnaya putty Kores "" Scooter "" - in the convenient trolley (equal to the clear line).
Applicator for application
polyester film
Type of corrective means
Correction tape
Width and length of the tape