Leveling belt Kores SCOOTER, 5m

Number: K84873

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Correction tape Kores SCOOTER, 8m.Lentochnye correctors provided in the form of tapes - rollers enclosed in a plastic housing, in the form of a dry layer applied to the surface of paper. Scooter from Kores imeetnapravlyayuschie wheels to facilitate pryamyhliny adjustments and the use of both right and left rukoy.Vydayut dry closely adjacent the paper strip korrektoradlinoy 5m, 4.2 mm width, equally well, and covers all tipybumagi ink on only the corrected records ( band) once it is possible to write, time saving, no smell, nezavisimostot temperature difference, the likelihood of damage to the adjustment dokumentsvedena minimumu.Lenta invisible on the documents during a copy or fax at.
Applicator for application
polyester film
Type of corrective means
Correction tape
Width and length of the tape